Atak na Polskę 1939 – Kampania wrześniowa II wojna Światowa / September campaign World War II

Atak na Polskę 1939

Kampania wrześniowa II wojna Światowa

Chwała Bohaterom

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Attack on Poland in 1939
September campaign World War II
Praise Heroes
„Love of the Fatherland with our right”

1  Plan „Fall Weiss” – means the plan of the Third Reich’s attack on Poland –  4.40 am – air raid on Wieluń carried out by the squadron of 4 airfield field marshal Wolfram von Ritchhofen

2 Firing the Military Transit Depot at Westerplatte by the Schleswig-Holstein battleship – Agersion along the entire German-Polish border

3 No response from our allies – England – France – Declaration of war on Germany by England and France on September 3, 1939

4 A strange war – the actions of England and France during Poland’s struggle with Germany consisted in declaring war but without taking military action; During a strange war, the allies dropped leaflets for German cities, urging them to end the war

5 On September 17, Poland was attacked by the Red Army without a declaration of war stipulated in international law

This is the attack of our neighbors with whom we had non-aggression pacts.

Praise be those thanks to whom we have free and independent Poland

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