Flaga Ukrainy1Lichwiarze i współcześni właściciele niewolników oszukują cały świat nazywając   siebie  narodem wybranym. Jest to jedno z najbardziej niepojętych   oszustw   w   historii   ludzkości.   W rzeczywistości my prawie nic   nie   wiemy   o   współczesnych   przedstawicielach narodu wybranego. Ale za to bardzo dużo wiemy o żydach – samozwańcach, o tych, których ja nazywam Chazarami.


Usurers and the current slave-owners are deceiving the whole world calling themselves   the   chosen   people. It is one of the most incomprehensible fraud   in   human   history.  In fact, we know almost nothing about the modern   representatives   of   the   chosen   people.   But   we   know a lot about Jews – the self-appointed chosen ones, that we call Khazars.

Petro Poroshenko (Walcman) – żydPetro Poroshenko (Walcman) – żyd  JEW


Turczynow (Kogan) – żydTurczynow (Kogan) – żyd   JEW


Arsenij Jaceniuk (Bakaj) – żydArsenij Jaceniuk (Bakaj) – żyd    JEW


Aleksandr Szlapa – żydAleksandr Szlapa – żyd   JEW


Andrij Parubij – żydAndrij Parubij – żyd    JEW


Wołodymyr Grojsman – żydWołodymyr Grojsman – żyd   JEW


Arsen Awakow – ormiański żydArsen Awakow – ormiański żyd   JEW


Stepan Kubiw – żydStepan Kubiw – żyd   JEW


Serhij Paszynskij – żydSerhij Paszynskij – żyd   JEW


Julia Tymoszenko (Cylia KapitelmanJulia Tymoszenko (Cylia Kapitelman)  JEW

( Evil in her eyes)



P. Poroszenko, I. Kołomojskij, D. Firtasz, W. Pinczuk, R. Achmetow



 The Main candidates for a presidency – all jews
Julia Tymoszenko (Cylia Kapitelman)
Ołeh Tiahnybok (Frotman)
Witalij Kliczko (Etinzon)
Dmytro (Awdim) Jarosz

Ołeh Tiahnybok (FrotmanOłeh Tiahnybok (Frotman)  JEW


Witalij Kliczko (Etinzon)Witalij Kliczko (Etinzon)   JEW


Dmytro (Awdim) JaroszDmytro (Awdim) Jarosz   JEW


Ikony nazizmu Zachodniej Ukrainy:

The Nazi icons of Western Ukraine

Stepan Bandera (Szymon Sztefan) – polski żydStepan Bandera (Szymon Sztefan) – polski żyd   polish jew and the butcher of Poles

Roman Szuchewycz – polski żydRoman Szuchewycz – polski żyd   Polish jew




I. Kołomojskij, E. Gurwic, G. Bogolubow, P. Poroszenko (Walcman), D. Firtasz, S. Lewoczkin, W. Hajduk, W, Nemirowskij, K. Żewago, W. Pinczuk, E. Prutnik, R. Achmetow, A. Martynow, W. Kostelman, E. Sigal, B. Kolesnikow, A. Feldman, F. Szpig, N. Szufricz, A. Rodnianskij, I. Dworeckij, A. Abdinow, W. Jermołajew, M. Kiperman, E. Zwiagilskij, F. Żebrowskaja, M. Bekker, S. Ronis, G. Korban, F. Surkis, I. Surkis, W. Szamotij, A. Leszczynskij, I. Rodi



Chazarski leb w ukrainskiej fladze==============

Ukraine “Disappears” Opponents of the Kiev Regime.

By Eric Zuesse
Global Research, April 09, 2015

In Odessa — the same city where the Ukrainian civil war started on 2 May 2014 with a massacre of opponents that had been carefully planned by a team connected to the U.S. White House — there are reported to be two bloggers for the “Voice of Odessa” political site who were seized by the Security Bureau of Ukraine on April 7th, and whose “whereabouts are unknown.”

This report appeared in the local Odessa News.

The “Voice of Odessa” site was formed right after the massacre, in order to get an independent investigation and prosecution of the perpetrators of that massacre, in which officially 46 people were burned, shot and clubbed to death, but unofficial estimates run over 200, all victims who have not been heard from since, and some of whom had allegedly even been abducted from hospitals after the massacre.

This report’s translated headline reads “SBU Detained Activists at Kulikov Field.” Kulikov Field is the square or plaza in front of the former Odessa Trade Unions Building, which is the building where the massacre-victims, who had been printing and distributing pamphlets opposing the newly installed government, were murdered, by Right Sector troops in plain clothes, and also by mercenaries in the private army of Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoysky, who had allegedly announced in advance that he would pay $5,000 per corpse.

—  (There has been no reported follow-up, regarding whether he actually paid everyone who participated, or how he paid them.)

The report on these disappearances says that the names of the missing bloggers are Svetlana Naboka and Marina Zhavoronkova, and that both women were seized at around 10 in the morning of April 7th. Furthermore,

“one of the detainees seized during the search is now lacking her home computer, telephone and other personal belongings,”

—  which presumably, were also taken by the state security force.

Whereas none of the perpetrators of the massacre has been prosecuted, the regime is trying to eliminate its opponents. On the same day that the two bloggers were seized, there was a related headline,

—  “SBU reported on the closure of a number of sites for anti-Ukrainian propaganda.”

That news report carried the following statement, from the SBU:

—  “The security service of Ukraine …   —  has  discontinued operation of a number of Internet sites   that   were   used to perpetrate   information campaigns   of  aggression on the part of the   Russian   Federation  aimed at violent change or overthrow of the constitutional order and territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine.”

Presumably,   —  the abduction, and perhaps elimination, of Svetlana Naboka and Marina Zhavoronkova, was part of that “discontinued operation” by the SBU against “aggression of the Russian Federation.”

The coup-established regime was not ‘the constitutional order’ in Ukraine.

It overthrew the constitutionally elected President, and violated the Ukrainian constitution.

—  However, “Big Brother” is based upon the Big Lie.

So,   it’s   ‘the constitutional order.’

A good video shows the coup being carried out, but it actually started much earlier, in Spring of 2013.

—  The same videographer also did a good video of the Odessa massacre.

Resistance to America’s Russia-hating Ukrainian regime is increasing, and it’s not only in Donbass   — the region that has formally declared its separation from Ukraine,   after Viktor Yanukovych, who had received 90+% of the vote there in the last democratic Ukrainian election, 2010, was overthrown by Obama.

For   example,   barely  more than three weeks ago, on March 12th, a column of   Ukrainian  tanks on trucks was blocked by overtly pro-Russian Ukrainians, who even showed the pre-communist (1710/1721-1858 &1883–1917/1918)   flag   of   the then-single nation of Russia —  (from the time when Ukraine was part of Russia), —   which was until the Bolshevik Revolution.

The video of this event, the courageous blocking of those trucks, was headlined  —  “People stop military, sent by Kiev government, at Volnovaha.”

The   people   who   were   blocking   it   are   visible   in   the   video  carrying the three-striped — white, blue, and red — flag of the Russian Empire.

Russian   Television on March 16th headlined about this,

“Defensive   blockade:  —  Activists   stop Kiev’s   military   trucks  heading to Russian border,”

—  and reported that,

“Activists   in   eastern   Ukraine  in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions [but not in the part that’s in   liberated  Donbass] are blocking columns of heavy military equipment heading from Kiev to the border with Russia.”

Ukraine is massing tanks on the Russian border to either invade Russia (which Ukraine repeatedly has threatened to do) or else to defend against a Russian invasion (which Russia has not threatened to do).

These   truckers   encountered such hostility that they backtracked and took an alternate route (presumably more northerly).

Officially  in Ukraine, all opponents of the Obama regime there are ‘terrorists.’

—  (Thus, the government’s constant bombings of them are in an ‘Anti Terrorist Operation’ or ATO.)

The Obama team told its people to use this terminology because gullible individuals   anywhere   will   oppose anyone who is merely labeled a ‘terrorist’ — even when the actual terrorism is on the part of the U.S. Government and its installed regimes, such as is the case in Ukraine.

The United States has become George Orwell’s Oceania.

He got all the basics right. — He is already the modern Nostradamus.

However, Big Brother, the U.S. aristocracy, isn’t publishing that fact.

Now, why would that be the case?

Publishing that fact would confirm that they’re collectively Big Brother.

That explains why the Brookings Institution is urging Obama to bomb Donbass longer and harder, and why over 98% of the U.S. Congress are urging him likewise, even though over two-thirds of the U.S. public who have any opinion on the matter, are against it.

Obama, who did the coup, hasn’t pursued the extermination-program with the persistence that Big Brother demands.

Big Brother demands more follow-through on his part. And, apparently, they’ll get it.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of They’re Not Even Close:  The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity, and of Feudalism, Fascism, Libertarianism and Economics



Ukraine Blocks 10,000 Websites, Confiscates a Newspaper


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